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To open the bonnet, open a door and pull the 1 handle, located on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Before carrying out any action in the engine compartment, you must switch off the ignition. STARTING, STOPPING THE ENGINE: vehicle with key.

Do not press down on the bonnet: there is a risk that the bonnet may accidentally close.

Unlocking the bonnet catch

To unlock, push tab 2 at the same time as opening the bonnet.

Please note when working close to the engine that it may be hot. The engine cooling fan may also start at any moment. The label in the engine compartment reminds you of this.

Risk of injury.

Opening the bonnet

Lift the bonnet and release stay 5 from its holder 6 using the handle 4. For your own safety, it is very important to fix the stay into the retainer 3 in the bonnet.

When working in the engine compartment, ensure that the windscreen wiper stalk is in the park position.

Risk of injury.

Closing the bonnet

Before closing the bonnet, make sure that nothing has been left in the engine compartment.

To close the bonnet, replace the stay 5 in its holder 6. Hold the middle of the bonnet and guide it down to one foot (30 cm) above the closed position, then release. It will latch automatically under its own weight.

Ensure that the bonnet is properly locked.

Check that nothing is preventing the catch from locking (gravel, cloth, etc.).

After any procedure in the engine compartment, make sure that you do not forget anything (cloth, tools, etc.).

These may damage the engine or cause a fire.

In the event of even a slight impact involving the radiator grille or bonnet, have the bonnet lock checked by an approved dealer as soon as possible.