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The information shown on the vehicle identification plate should be quoted on all correspondence or orders.

The presence and location of the information depends on the vehicle.

Vehicle identification plate A

1 Manufacturer name.

2 EC design number or approval number.

3 Identification number.

Depending on the vehicle, this information is also given on marking B.

4 MMAC (Maximum permissible all-up weight).

5 MTR (Gross train weight: vehicle fully loaded, with trailer).

6 MMTA (Maximum Permissible Weight) front axle.

7 MMTA rear axle.

8 Reserved for related or additional entries.

9 Diesel exhaust emissions.

Depending on the vehicle, this information is not indicated on the manufacturer’s plate but on the engine smoke opacity label SPECIAL FEATURES OF DIESEL VERSIONS: particle filter.

10 Paint reference (colour code).