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Adjusting the seat position

To move the seat forwards or back

Move the 1 switch forwards or backwards or, depending on the vehicle, lift and hold the 3 handle to unlock the seat. Release the handle once the seat is in the correct position and ensure that the seat is locked.

To raise or lower the seat base

Move the 1 switch up or down or, depending on the vehicle, move the 4 lever as many times as necessary upwards or downwards to the desired position.

Adjusting the seatback

To tilt the seatback

Activate the 2 switch forwards or backwards, or depending on the vehicle, lift the 5 handle and tilt the seatback to the desired position. Release the handle at the desired position and make sure that it is locked.

After making adjustments, make sure that the seatbacks are correctly locked in place.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.

We would advise you not to recline the seatbacks too far to ensure that the effectiveness of the seat belts is not reduced.

Nothing should be placed on the floor (area in front of driver) as such objects may slide under the pedal during braking manoeuvres, thus obstructing its use.

Central armrest 6

(depending on the vehicle)

To adjust the position of the central armrest 6, slide it forwards or backwards.

To adjust the seat’s lumbar position

Lower handle 7 to increase the support and lift it to decrease it.

Heated seats

With the ignition on:

- Pressing the switch 8 on the required seat for the first time activates the heating system on high. Both integrated switch warning lights come on;

- pressing the switch for the second time changes the heating to low. One integrated warning light comes on;

- pressing for the third time turns the heating off.

Operating faults

When an operating fault is detected, the warning light of the 8 switch for the seat concerned switches-off after approximately five seconds.

Consult an approved dealer.