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REAR LIGHTS AND SIDE LIGHTS: replacing the bulbs

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LED side light/brake light 1

Consult an approved dealer

Direction indicators 2

- Open the boot;

- remove the trim 3;

- unscrew the nut 4;

- release the light assembly from outside the vehicle by pulling towards the rear;

- remove the 5 bulb holder by unscrewing it a quarter of a turn, then replace the bulb.

Bulb type: WY16W.

The bulbs are under pressure and can break when replaced.

Risk of injury.

To comply with current legislation, or as a precaution, you can obtain an emergency kit from your approved dealer containing a set of spare bulbs and fuses.


To refit, proceed in the reverse order, taking care not to damage the wiring.

Fog lights and LED reversing lights 6

Consult an approved dealer

High-level LED brake light 7

Consult an approved dealer.

LED number plate lights 8

(depending on the vehicle)

Consult an approved Dealer.

Number plate lights 9

- Unclip the light by pressing the tab 10

- remove the light cover to gain access to the bulb.

Bulb type: W5W.

LED side repeaters 11

Consult an approved dealer.

The bulbs are under pressure and may break when replaced.

Risk of injury.