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Adjusting the steering wheel

Depending on the vehicle, the steering wheel position is adjustable.

Lower the lever 1 and position the steering wheel in the required position.

Then, raise the lever fully, beyond the point of resistance to lock the steering wheel.

Make sure that the steering wheel is correctly locked.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is stationary.

Power-assisted steering

Never drive with an inadequately charged battery.

Variable power-assisted steering

The variable power assisted steering system is equipped with an electronic control system which alters the level of assistance to suit the vehicle speed.

Steering is made easier during parking manoeuvres (for added comfort) while the force needed to steer increases progressively as the speed rises (for enhanced safety at high speeds).

Special feature of Stop and Start

With the engine on standby, power-assisted steering is no longer operational. In this case, it returns to its original state when the engine is restarted or when the speed exceeds 1 mph (1 km/h) (hill, slope etc.).

Never leave the steering wheel on full lock when the vehicle is stationary.

With the engine switched off, or if there is a system fault, it is still possible to turn the steering wheel. The force required will be greater.

Never turn the steering wheel when the vehicle battery is disconnected.

Never switch off the ignition when travelling downhill, and avoid doing so in normal driving (assistance is not provided).