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TRIP COMPUTER AND WARNING SYSTEM: operating fault messages

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These appear with the © warning light and mean that you should drive very carefully to an authorised dealer as soon as possible. If you fail to follow this recommendation, you risk damaging your vehicle.

They disappear when the display selection key is pressed or after several seconds and are stored in the computer log. The © warning light stays on. Examples of operating fault messages are given in the following pages.

Examples of messages

Interpreting the display selected

“Clean diesel filter”

Indicates the presence of water in the diesel filter; contact an approved Dealer as soon as possible.

“Check vehicle”

Indicates a fault in one of the pedal sensors, battery management system or oil level sensor.

“Check airbag”

Indicates a fault in the restraint system in addition to the seat belts. In the event of an accident, it is possible that they may not be triggered.

“Check anti- pollution system”

- Indicates a fault in the vehicle’s emission control system.

- Indicates a fault in the exhaust gas reduction system when it is accompanied by the warning light. REAGENT TANK.

“WARNING: Check SOS Call”

Indicates a fault in the emergency call system.