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These appear with the ® warning light and require you to stop immediately, for your own safety, as soon as traffic conditions allow. Stop your engine and do not restart it. Contact an approved Dealer.

Some examples of warning messages are given below. Note: the messages appear on the display either individually or alternately (when there are several messages to be displayed), and may be accompanied by a warning light and/or a beep.

Examples of messages

Interpreting the display selected

“Engine failure hazard”

Indicates an injection fault, the vehicle’s engine has overheated or there is a serious engine fault.

“Power steering fault”

Indicates a fault in the steering system.

“WARNING: Braking System”

Indicates a fault in the braking system. Apply the electronic parking brake manually and ensure that the vehicle is immobilised using a chock.

“Electric failure DANGER”

Indicates a fault in the vehicle battery charging circuit (alternator etc.).