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To manually fold down the seatbacks

Ensure that the front seats are far enough forward.

Lower the headrests fully.

Depending on the vehicle, put the seat belt in the belt guide 2 to avoid damaging it before folding down the seatback.

Pull the control 1 and lower the seatback A.

To replace the seatback, proceed in the reverse order to removal.

Refit the seatback and click it back into place.

When refitting the seatback, make sure it is correctly locked in place.

If seat covers are fitted, make sure these do not prevent the seatback latch from locking in.

Make sure that the seat belts are positioned correctly.

Reposition the headrests.

The configuration of the two-seat bench with the small seatback B pulled down, does not allow the central seat to be used as it would be impossible to buckle the seat belt (belt buckles inaccessible).

To automatically fold down the seatbacks (flat position)

From the boot, pulling the control 3 enables you to automatically unlock the rear bench seatbacks to get a flat floor.

When moving the rear seats, ensure that nothing obstructs the anchorage points (passenger’s arm or leg, a pet, gravel, cloth, toys, etc.).

Conditions of use

- Vehicle stationary;

- boot lid open;

- rear seat belts unlocked.

Operating fault

If all user conditions have been fulfilled and the folding action still fails to operate, please contact an authorised dealer.

Use restriction

It is forbidden to drive with a seatback or a front seat folded down when there is a passenger occupying a rear seat.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.


Although this video is not specifically for your vehicle, the principle described is identical