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The headrests 2 on the rear side seats cannot be adjusted.

Position for using the central headrest

Raise the central headrest 1 as far as possible to use it in the high position. Check that the bonnet is correctly locked.

Centre seat headrest storage position

Press the button A and lower the central headrest 1 completely.

When the headrest is set at the lowest position, this is for storage only. It should not be in this position when a seat is occupied.

To remove a headrest

Raise the headrest as far as it will go, then press button A and remove the headrest.

To refit a headrest

Insert the rods in the holes, press the button A and lower the headrest. Check that it is correctly locked in place.

The headrest is a safety component; check that it is fitted and in the correct position. The top of the headrest should be as close as possible to the top of the head.