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Control knob 1 is used to adjust the height of the headlight beams according to the load.

Turn control knob 1 downwards to lower the headlights and upwards to raise them.

Unladen, control knob 1 should be at 0.

When the vehicle is partially or completely laden, the headlight beam should be set to light the road at between 50 and 100 metres. Then use positions 1 to 4 on the control knob.

A Incorrect setting: the lights are set too high and could dazzle other drivers. Turn the control knob downwards to lower the beam.

B Correct setting: the beam’s maximum range is between 50 and 100 metres.

Temporary adjustment

Open the bonnet and identify the marking B next to one of the front headlight projectors.

For each headlight, using a screwdriver, turn the screw 1 by a quarter turn towards the - symbol to lower the beams.

Return to the starting point once your trip is over: turn the screw 1 by a quarter turn towards the + symbol to raise the beams.

When driving on the left in a lefthand drive vehicle (or vice versa), you must adjust your lights temporarily during your stay.