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Courtesy lights

Switches 1 or 3 provide:

- permanent lighting;

- intermittent lighting, which comes on when a door is opened. It goes out when the doors concerned are properly closed;

- immediate switching off.

Map reading lights

(depending on vehicle)

Tilt the switch 3 for permanent lighting.

In the front passenger seat, press switch 2.

Luggage compartment light A

(depending on vehicle)

Tilt the switch 4 for permanent lighting.

Unlocking and opening the doors or luggage compartment switches on the timed courtesy lights.

Luggage compartment light B

(depending on vehicle)

Special features

Depending on the vehicle, remote unlocking of the doors triggers timed lighting of the passenger compartment. If one of the front or rear doors is opened, the period for which the light is switched on will start again.

Then the courtesy light and the luggage compartment light dim and go out.

The lighting timer will cut out for various reasons:

- if a door has been open for 15 minutes;

- if all the doors have been closed for 15 seconds or 5 minutes, depending on the vehicle;

- when the ignition is switched on.