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Five-seater version

To raise it

Slide it to the required height.

To lower it

Pull it towards you and slide it to the required height.

To remove it

Raise the headrest then press tabs 1 to release it.

To refit it

Press tab 1 and insert the rods into the holes, with the notches facing forwards.

Storage position 2

Pull it towards you and lower it completely.

When the headrest is fully lowered, it is in the storage position: do not use this position when someone is sitting in the rear seats.

The headrest is a safety component; check that it is fitted and in the correct position.

Special note for four seat versions

This version differs in that it has rear seatbelts and headrests on the rear side seats only. Never seat a passenger in the rear centre seat area.

A labels inform you that it is prohibited to seat passengers in areas other than the seats provided.

Child’s convertible headrest

If fitted to the vehicle, the child headrest and booster cushion can only be installed on the rear side seats.

For fitting and use, refer to the equipment instructions.