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Always position the objects transported so that the largest surface is against:

- the rear bench seatbacks, for normal loads;

- the front seats for maximum loads.

Always position the heaviest items directly on the floor.

Always position the heaviest items directly on the floor.

Use the lashing points on the floor of the luggage compartment, if these are fitted to the vehicle.

The luggage should be loaded in such a way that no items will be thrown forward and strike the occupants if the driver has to brake suddenly.

Fasten the rear seat belts, even if the seats are not occupied.

A = 781 mm.

Permissible nose weight, maximum permissible towing weight, braked and unbraked: refer to the information on “Weights” in Section 6.

Choice and fitting of towing equipment

Maximum weight of towing equipment: 23 kg

For fitting and conditions of use, refer to the equipment’s fitting instructions.

Please keep these instructions with the rest of the vehicle documentation.

Any towing device must not obstruct any lighting component or the number plate when not in use.

Towing devices (ball, hook, etc.) which can be removed without tools and retractable objects must be removed or repositioned when they are not in use.

In all cases, you must comply with the regulations of the particular country you are in.