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The card must be in detection zone 1 or, depending on the vehicle, in detection zone 2.

To start:

- vehicles with an automatic gearbox, in the P position, press the brake pedal, press the 3 button, then release the brake pedal once the engine has started;

- vehicles with a manual gearbox, press the brake pedal and press the 3 button, then release the brake pedal once the engine has started. If a gear is engaged, also press the clutch pedal.

Special features

- If any of the starting conditions are not met, the message “Press Brake + START” or “Press Clutch + START” or “Select Gearbox Position “P”” is displayed on the instrument panel;

- in some cases, it will be necessary to move the steering wheel whilst pressing the start button 3 to help unlock the steering column; the message “Turn Steering Wheel + START” will warn you of this;

Note: on vehicles equipped with a manual gearbox, in the event of engine stalling the message “Press Clutch” will be displayed on the instrument panel.

Fully press the clutch pedal to restart the engine.

Depending on the vehicle, you may have a digital key that offers all the functions of the card.

However, if a card has been left inside the vehicle and the doors have been locked with a digital key, all of the card’s functions will be inhibited.

For more information DIGITAL KEY

“Hands-free” starting with the tailgate open

In this case, the card should not be located in the luggage compartment, to prevent the risk of loss.

Accessories function

(switching on the ignition)

Once you have gained access to your vehicle, you may use some of its functions (radio, navigation, wipers, etc.).

To use the other functions, with the card in the passenger compartment, press the 3 button without pressing the pedals.

Operating faults

In certain cases, the hands-free card may not work:

- when the card battery is dead;

- near to appliances operating on the same frequency as the card (monitor, mobile phone, video game, etc.);

- vehicle located in a high electromagnetic radiation zone.

The message “Place card on zone + START” appears on the instrument panel.

Press the brake or clutch pedal, then place the card 5 (button side) on the placement area marked by the 4 symbol. Press the 3 button to start the vehicle. The message goes out.

Conditions for stopping the engine

The vehicle must be stationary, lever in position P on vehicles with an automatic gearbox.

With the card in the vehicle, press button 3: the engine stops. The steering column is locked when a door is opened or the vehicle is locked.

If the card is no longer in the passenger compartment or if the card’s battery is worn, when the vehicle is stationary and you try to switch the engine off, the message “Keycard absent: press/hold START” appears on the instrument panel: press button 3 for longer than two seconds. If the card is no longer in the passenger compartment, make sure you can retrieve it before pressing and holding the button. Without the card, you will not be able to restart the vehicle.

With the engine switched off, any accessories being used (radio, etc.) will continue to function for approximately 10 minutes.

When the driver’s door is opened, the accessories stop working.

Never switch off the ignition before the vehicle has stopped completely. Once the engine has stopped, the brake servo, power-assisted steering etc., and the passive safety devices such as the airbags and pretensioners will no longer operate.

When you leave your vehicle, especially if you have your card with you, check that the engine is completely switched off.

Driver’s responsibility when parking or stopping the vehicle

Never leave an animal, child or adult who is not self-sufficient alone in your vehicle, even for a short time.

They may pose a risk to themselves or to others by starting the engine, activating equipment such as the electric windows or locking the doors, for example.

Also, in hot and/or sunny weather, please remember that the temperature inside the passenger compartment increases very quickly.