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REAR LIGHTS AND SIDE LIGHTS: replacing the bulbs

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Direction indicator lights, reversing lights, fog lights and brake lights

Undo bolt 1 to remove the light.

The bulbs are under pressure and can break when replaced.

Risk of injury.

Release the light assembly from outside the vehicle by pulling towards the rear.

Remove the bulb holder 3 by releasing clips 2.


To refit, proceed in the reverse order, taking care not to damage the wiring, and fasten clips 2 on the bulb holder 3.

4 Brake light

Bulb type 4: P21W or, depending on the vehicle, PR21W.

5 Reversing light

Bulb type 5: W16W.

6 Indicator light

Bulb type 6: PY21W.

7 Fog light

Bulb type 7: P21W.

To comply with current legislation, or as a precaution, you can obtain an emergency kit from your approved dealer containing a set of spare bulbs and fuses.

LED side lights 8

Consult an approved dealer.

High-level LED brake light 9

Consult an approved dealer.

LED number plate lights 10

(depending on the vehicle)

Consult an approved Dealer.

Number plate light

Undo screw 11.

Remove the light cover 12 to access the bulb.

Bulb type: W5W.

LED side repeaters 13

Consult an approved dealer.

The bulbs are under pressure and may break when replaced.

Risk of injury.

Indicator lights 14

As the door mirror shell needs to be removed, we advise you to have the bulb replaced by an approved dealer.

To access the bulb:

- carefully unclip the door mirror shell 15 from its base 16 (movement A);

- disengage the bulb holder 17 using a flat-blade screwdriver or similar, levering at C (movement B);

- disengage and remove the bulb holder 17 then replace the bulb 18.

Bulb type: WY5W.

To refit it, carry out the above operations in reverse order.

Make sure:

- that the bulb holder 17 is aligned correctly before inserting it into its housing;

- that the door mirror shell 15 clips properly onto its base 16.

When disassembling and refitting, ensure that the wiring and the surrounding components are not damaged.