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Adjusting the programming

This function enables the electric network (and the not the traction battery) to be used under certain conditions, in order to obtain a comfortable temperature prior to using the vehicle.

It triggers the heating in cold weather and the air conditioning in warm weather.

Operating conditions

- The ignition must be switched off;

- the battery must be charged more than 90% for the function to be triggered;

- the vehicle has to be plugged into the mains;


- control 1 must be in position at A to program the air conditioning or at B to program the heating or ventilation.

Note: depending on the power of the charging terminal, a slight reduction in the charge level is possible when the function is activated.

It is recommended to position control 3 in the air recirculation position and air distribution control 2 in position:

- i in cold weather;

- G in high temperatures.

These settings make it possible to reach a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment.

Setting the start time for the function

- To programme the start time, use buttons C and D to navigate through the menu until message COMFORT PROG appears.

- hold down button D on stalk 5 - the hours flash;

- press button C to adjust them;

- hold down button D on stalk 5 - the minutes flash;

- press button C to adjust them;

- confirm by pressing button D on stalk 5.

The message “COMFORT PROG” and the programmed time are displayed on the instrument panel 4.

Activating the function

- With the ignition on, position the control 1 in one of the positions;

- turn off the ignition. The “COMFORT” message and the programmed time are displayed on the instrument panel for a few seconds;

- plug in your vehicle to a power supply (refer to the information on “Electric vehicle: charging” in section 1).

The function triggers 30 minutes before the programmed time to reach a comfortable temperature.

Automatically switching off the function

- About 10 minutes after the programmed time;

- if the charging socket is disconnected;

- if control 1 is not in one of the positions.