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To open the glovebox, lift catch 1.

Dashboard storage compartment 2

Centre console storage compartment 3

To open, lift cover 4. It will store a 1.5 litre bottle.

When turning corners, accelerating or braking, ensure that the receptacle being held by the cup holder is not dislodged.

There is a risk of burning if hot liquid escapes.

Front door storage compartments 5

Bottle holders 6

Front upper cab storage compartment 7

Clip 8

This can be used for storing motorway tickets, cards, etc.

No object should be placed on the floor (in front of the driver). Such objects may slide under the pedals during sudden braking manoeuvres and obstruct their use.

Ensure that no hard, heavy or pointed objects are placed in the “open” storage compartments in such a way that they may fall onto passengers during sudden turning or braking.

Clothes hook 9

Depending on the vehicle, a hook may be located on the partition behind the front passenger seat.

For safety reasons, this hook may only be used to hang clothes.

NB: the maximum permitted load is 4 kg.