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Windscreen wiper blades 1

With the ignition on and the engine switched off, lower the windscreen wiper stalk fully: the blades stop slightly away from the bonnet.

Lift wiper arm 3, press button 2 to release the blade.


Slide the blade along the arm until it clips on. Check that it is correctly locked in place. Lower the windscreen wiper arm carefully.

With the ignition on, return the windscreen wiper stalk to the stop position. The blade on the driver’s side must always be above the passenger blade. If this is not the case, a quick sweep of the windscreen wipers should be performed once the vehicle is travelling at over 4 mph (7 km/h).

NB: Before restarting your vehicle, lower the windscreen wiper blades onto the windscreen to avoid any risk of damaging the bonnet or the wipers.

Do not activate the wipers on a dry screen. This will lead to premature wear or damage to the blades.

- In frosty weather, make sure that the wiper blades are not stuck by ice (to avoid the risk of the motor overheating or damaging the blades).

- Check the condition of the wiper blades.

Replace the wiper blades as soon as they begin to lose efficiency (approximately once a year).

Whilst changing the blade, take care not to drop the arm onto the window after it has been removed as this may break the window.

Rear screen wiper blade 4

Stalk in stop position (deactivated):

- Lift the wiper arm 6;

- pivot wiper blade 4 until some resistance is met (movement B);

- depending on the vehicle, press tab 5, then remove the wiper blade by pulling it (movement A).

To refit

To refit the wiper blade, proceed in reverse order to removal. Make sure that the blade is correctly locked in position.

Keep monitoring the condition of the wiper blades. How long they last depends on you:

- clean the blades, windscreen and rear screen regularly with soapy water;

- do not use them when the windscreen or rear screen are dry;

- free them from the windscreen or rear screen when they have not been used for a long time.

Before changing the rear wiper blade, make sure the stalk is in the stop position (deactivated).

Risk of injury.