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Operating principle

Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper measure the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle.

This measurement is indicated by beeps which become more frequent the closer you come to the obstacle, until they become a continuous beep when the vehicle is approximately 20 to 30 centimetres from the obstacle.

The system detects obstacles to the front, the rear and the sides of the vehicle.

The parking distance control system is only activated when the vehicle is driven at a speed below approximately 6 mph (10 km/h).

The parking distance control system does not take into account towing and load carrying systems, etc.

Special features

Ensure that the ultrasonic sensors indicated by arrows 1 are not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow, etc.).

This function is an additional aid that indicates the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle whilst reversing, using sound signals.

Under no circumstances should it replace the driver’s care or responsibility whilst reversing.

The driver should always look out for sudden hazards during driving: always ensure that there are no moving obstacles (such as a child, animal, pram or bicycle, etc.) or small, narrow objects such as stones or posts in your path when manoeuvring.

Note: the display 2 shows the vehicle surroundings and emits beeps.

It is necessary to travel a few metres before the side detection is activated.

If all areas have a grey background, the whole area around the vehicle is being monitored:

- A: analysis of the vehicle surroundings in progress;

- B: analysis of the vehicle surroundings carried out


Most objects located less near the front, rear and sides of the vehicle are detected.

Depending on the distance of the obstacle, the frequency of the beep will be higher while approaching it, and will become a solid beep around 20 cm for obstacles to the sides, and 30 cm for obstacles to the front or rear. Green, orange and red zones will be displayed on the display C.

Detection of obstacles to the side

Depending on the direction of the wheels, the system determines the trajectory of the vehicle and notifies the driver of any risk or otherwise of a collision with an obstacle 3 to the side of the vehicle.

If a side obstacle is detected:

- the beeps become faster and then sound continuously as the obstacle gets nearer. Green, orange and red zones will be displayed on the display D;

- if there is no risk of collision, no beep will sound when approaching the obstacle. Green, orange and red zones will be displayed interspersed on the display D.

Note: in the event of a change in trajectory during a manoeuvre, the risk of collision with an obstacles may be signalled late.

An impact to the underside of the vehicle while manoeuvring (e.g.: striking a post, raised kerb or other street furniture) may result in damage to the vehicle (e.g.: deformation of an axle).

To avoid any risk of accident, have your vehicle checked by an approved dealer.


You can adjust certain settings from the multifunction screen 4. Please see the equipment instructions for further information.

Vehicles fitted with a navigation system

Select “Vehicle”, “Parking assist”, “Obstacle detection”.

Parking distance control audio volume

Adjust the volume of the parking distance control by pressing + or -.

System sound

Enables the system sound to be selected from a choice of 3.

Deactivating the system sound

Activate or deactivate the parking distance control sound.

Note: If you deactivate the sound, you will no longer be notified with beeps when approaching an obstacle.

Deactivating the system

Activate or deactivate parking distance control.

Vehicles not fitted with a navigation system

Vehicle stationary:

- press and hold the switch 5 OK to access the settings menu;

- repeatedly press the control 6 up or down until you reach the “Driving assistance” menu;

- press the switch 5 OK;

- repeatedly press the control 6 up or down until you reach the “Parking distance control settings” menu;

- press the switch 5 OK;

- using the control 6, select the settings to be changed;

- press the switch 5 OK.

When the vehicle is being driven at a speed below approximately 6 mph (10 km/h), certain noises (motorcycle, lorry, pneumatic drill, etc.) may trigger the beeping sound of the parking distance control.

Automatic deactivation of the parking distance control

The system deactivates:

- when the vehicle speed is above approximately 6 mph (10 km/h);

- depending on the model, when the vehicle is stationary for more than approximately 5 seconds and an obstacle is detected (such as when in a traffic jam, etc.);

- when the vehicle is in neutral for manual gearboxes, or in position N or P for automatic gearboxes.

Operating faults

When the system detects an operating fault, a beep sounds for approximately 3 seconds each time reverse gear is selected and is accompanied by the message “Check parking sensor” shown on the instrument panel. Please consult an authorised dealer.

The function can be disrupted under certain conditions, including:

- if the sensor is obscured by dirt, mud, snow, etc, wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth or cotton wool;

- if the sensor is frozen;

- when driving on uneven or gravelled surfaces or slope or in bush;

- very poor weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, etc.);

The system can not detect including:

- small or narrow objects such as rope, etc;

- objects that can absorb ultrasonic like a sponge, snow, etc.

The system can be beeped or disrupted by motorbikes, bicycles, transmitters, etc.