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Depending on the vehicle equipment, this function allows you to activate/deactivate and adjust some of the vehicle’s functions.

Vehicles fitted with a navigation system

Accessing the settings menu

With the vehicle at a standstill, using the multifunction screen 1, select menu “Vehicle”, “User settings” to access the various settings.

Adjusting the settings

(depending on the vehicle)

Select the function to modify:

a) unlocking the driver’s door only;

b) automatic locking of the doors while driving;

c) hands-free function;

d) indicator audio volume;

e) internal welcome sound;

f) external welcome;

g) reading lamp in automatic mode;

h) rear windscreen wiping in reverse gear;

i) configuration of the driving style indicator;

j) Active noise control.

Select “ON” or “OFF” to activate or deactivate the function.

For the “Light brightness intensity” function, select the intensity by pressing “+” or “-”.

For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is stationary.

Vehicles not fitted with a navigation system

Accessing the settings menu on display 2

With the vehicle at a standstill, press and hold the switch 3 OK to access the settings menu.

Adjusting the settings

(depending on the vehicle)

Browse using the control 4 to select the function to adjust:

a) Language;

b) Vehicle speed unit;

c) Unlocking the driver’s door only;

d) Lock doors when in motion;

e) Use handfree card;

f) Rear wipers when reverse is ON;

g) Flashers volume;

h) Welcome lights;

i) Automatic cabin lights;

j) Parking assist;

k) Parking assist audio volume;

l) Lane departure volume;

m) Lane departure sensitivity;

n) Lane departure vibration;

p) Active braking;

q) Automatic main beam lights.

= function activated

< function deactivated

Once a line has been selected, press the switch 3 OK to adjust the function.

If you select either “Parking assist” or “Language”, you will have to make a further selection (sound volume of the parking distance control or instrument panel language). In this case, make your selection and confirm it by holding the switch 3 OK - the selected value is shown by a ~ in front of the line.

To exit the menu, press the control 4 upwards or downwards. It may be necessary to carry out this operation several times.

The vehicle settings personalisation menu cannot be used when driving. At speed exceeding 12 mph (20 km/h), the instrumental panel display switches automatically back to trip computer and warning system mode.