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REAR LIGHTS: changing bulbs

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Rear lights

Depending on the vehicle, remove the protective grilles. Unscrew the two nuts 1 and pull rear light unit A.

Unscrew the bolt 2 using a flat-blade screwdriver or similar to remove the bulb holder 3.

4 Side lights and brake lights

Pear-shaped, bayonet type P21/5W bulb with two filaments.

5 Indicator

Orange pear-shaped, bayonet type PY21W bulb.

6 Reversing light

Pear-shaped, bayonet type bulb P21W.

7 Fog light

Pear-shaped, bayonet type bulb P21W.

The bulbs are under pressure and can break when replaced.

Risk of injury.

High-level brake light

Remove cover 8.

Unscrew the nut.

Remove the unit, from outside the vehicle, to gain access to bulb 9.

Bulb type: W16W.

Number plate lights

Unclip light 10 (using a flat-blade screwdriver or similar).

Remove the light cover to gain access to the bulb.

Bulb type: W5W.