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To apply:

Pull lever 1 upwards. Check that the vehicle is immobilised. The warning light } on the instrument panel will come on.

To release:

Pull lever 1 up slightly, press button 2 and then lower the lever to the floor. The warning light } on the instrument panel will go out.

Make sure that the handbrake is properly released when driving (red indicator light off), otherwise overheating, or even damage, may occur.

When the vehicle is stopped, depending on the gradient and/or the vehicle load, it may be necessary to apply the handbrake by at least two further notches and engage a gear (1st or reverse).

An impact to the underside of the vehicle (e.g.: striking a post, raised kerb or other street furniture) may result in damage to the vehicle (e.g.: deformation of an axle).

To avoid any risk of accident, have your vehicle checked by an approved Dealer.

Pull-up handbrake

(depending on the vehicle)

To apply:

Pull lever 4 upwards then release it. It returns to the horizontal position.

To release

Press button 3 and pull lever 4 upwards then place it in a horizontal position.