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The speed limiter function helps you stay within the driving speed limit that you choose, known as the limit speed.


1 Speed limiter activation, memory and increase (+).

2 Decrease limit speed (-).

3 Speed limiter function standby (with limited speed memory) (O).

4 Activation and recall of memorised limit speed (R).

5 Main “On/Off” switch.

Switching on

Press the side switch 5 . The warning light 6 comes on, lit orange, and the message “SPEED LIMITER” appears on the instrument panel, accompanied by dashes to indicate that the speed limiter is activated and waiting to store a speed limit.

To store the current speed, press switch 1 (+): the limited speed replaces the dashes.

The minimum stored speed is 19 mph (30 km/h).


When a limited speed has been stored and this speed is not reached, driving is similar to driving a vehicle without the speed limiter function.

Once you have reached the stored speed, no effort on the accelerator pedal will allow you to exceed the programmed speed except in an emergency (refer to information on “Exceeding the limit speed”).

Varying the limit speed

The limit speed may be changed by repeatedly pressing:

- switch 1 (+) to increase speed;

- switch 2 (-) to reduce speed.

The speed limiter function is in no way linked to the braking system.

Exceeding the limit speed

It is possible to exceed the limit speed at any moment. To do this: press the accelerator pedal firmly and fully (beyond the kickdown point).

If the speed is exceeded, the limited speed flashes on the instrument panel accompanied by a beep.

Then, as far as is possible, release the accelerator pedal: the speed limiter function will return as soon as you reach a speed lower than the memorised speed.

Limited speed cannot be maintained

When driving down a steep gradient, the system is unable to maintain the limit speed: the memorised speed will flash on the instrument panel and an audible signal sounds at regular intervals to inform you of this situation.

Putting the function on standby

The speed limiter function is suspended when you press switch 3 (O). In this case, the speed limit remains stored and the message “Memorisedˮ, accompanied by this speed, appears on the instrument panel.

Recalling the limit speed

If a speed has been memorised, it can be recalled by pressing switch 4 (R).

Switching off the function

The speed limiter function is deactivated when you press switch 5. In this case, the speed is no longer memorised. The instrument panel orange indicator light  goes out, confirming that the function is deactivated.

When the speed limiter is set to standby, pressing switch 1 (+) reactivates the function without taking into account the memorised speed: it is the speed at which the vehicle is moving that is taken into account.