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The self-locking differential controls the torque transmitted to each rear wheel.

Depending on the grip conditions on the road surface, and at low speeds (under 20 mph/30 kph), this device enables wheel torque to move automatically, thereby providing increased grip. This enables the grip potential of each wheel to be used to the fullest possible extent, thereby enabling the vehicle to run over areas with decreased grip (e.g.: work sites, muddy ground, etc.).

Once the rear wheels return to surfaces with normal grip (eg: return to paved roads), the self-locking differential device will be deactivated, sometimes accompanied by a noise (with no consequence to vehicle behaviour). You have the option of turning this device off yourself, once normal grip conditions have resumed, by briefly releasing the accelerator

This function is an additional driving aid.

However, it does not increase the vehicle’s limits and should not encourage you to drive more quickly.

It cannot, therefore, under any circumstances replace the vigilance or the responsibility of the driver.