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Map reading lights

Press switch 1 to get:

- permanent lighting;

- immediate switching off.

Courtesy light

Press switch 3 for:

- permanent lighting;

- intermittent lighting, which comes on when a door is opened. It only switches off after a time delay and when the doors concerned have been closed correctly;

- lighting switches off immediately.

Map reading lights

Press switches 2 and 4.

Note: for vehicles fitted with a navigation system, you can use the multimedia screen to deactivate/activate the courtesy lights which come on when the doors or boot are opened. To do this, please refer to “Vehicle settings customisation menu” in Section 1.

Glove box light 5

The light comes on when the cover is opened.

When the doors or boot are unlocked and opened, the reading and footwell lights come on temporarily.

Luggage compartment light 6

The light comes on when the luggage compartment is opened.

With the doors properly shut, locking or starting the engine makes the interior lights and the courtesy lights go out.