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Coolant level

With the engine switched off and on level ground, the level when cold must be between the “MINI" and "MAXI" marks on coolant reservoir 1.

Top this level up when cold before it reaches the MIN mark.

Checking intervals

Check the coolant level regularly (very severe damage is likely to be caused to the engine if it runs out of coolant).

If the level needs to be topped up, only use products approved by our Technical Department which ensure:

- protection against freezing;

- anticorrosion protection of the cooling system.

Replacement intervals

Refer to the Maintenance Document for your vehicle.

Consult your approved dealer at once if you notice an abnormal or repeated drop in any of the fluid levels.

No operations should be carried out on the cooling circuit when the engine is hot.

Risk of burns.

Please note when working close to the engine that it may be hot. The engine cooling fan may also start at any moment. The warning light in the engine compartment reminds you of this.

Risk of injury.

Before performing any action in the engine compartment, the ignition must be switched off (please see the information on “Starting, stopping the engine” in Section 2).

Brake fluid level

This should be checked frequently, and any time you notice even the slightest loss in braking efficiency.

The level should be read with the engine switched off and on level ground.

Level 2

It is normal for the level to drop as the linings become worn, but it should never drop below the MINI warning line.

If you wish to check the disc and drum wear yourself, you should obtain the document explaining the checking procedure from our network or from the manufacturer’s website.

Topping up

After any operation on the hydraulic circuit, a specialist must replace the fluid.

Only use fluids approved by our Technical Department (and taken from a sealed container).

Replacement intervals

Refer to the Maintenance Document for your vehicle.

Windscreen washer reservoir

Topping up

With the engine switched off, open cap 3, fill until you can see the fluid, then refit the cap.

Note: Regularly check the reservoir level by topping up the liquid before taking a trip.


Windscreen washer fluid. In winter, use anti-freeze product. Use products recommended by an authorised dealer.

Note: do not use pure water (risk of damage to the priming pump, limescale building up on the pump and the jets).


To adjust the windscreen washer jets, please consult an authorised dealer.

If there is an abnormal or repeated drop in the fluid level, consult an approved dealer.