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Multimedia settings

1 Multimedia screen;

2 Steering column controls;

3 Steering wheel controls;

4 Microphone.

Hands-free telephone integrated control

For equipped vehicles, use the steering wheel controls 3.

Refer to the equipment instructions for information on how to operate this equipment.

Using the telephone

We remind you of the need to conform to the legislation in force concerning the use of such equipment.

Multimedia sockets 5

You can use the USB ports or, depending on the vehicle, the SD card reader to access the multimedia content of your accessories and the system update (please refer to the equipment instructions).

The various sources can be selected from the multimedia screen and from the steering column controls.

The sockets USB can also recharge accessories with a maximum power rating of 12 Watts (voltage: 5V) per socket, which have been approved by our Technical Department.

The JACK socket enables the radio to be used with an auxiliary cable.

Connect accessories with a maximum power of 12 watts only.

Fire hazard.