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These systems operate with the ignition on or off, until one of the front doors is opened (limited to about 3 minutes).

One-touch electric windows

Briefly press or pull a window switch as far as it will go: the window will be raised or lowered fully. Pressing the switch again stops the window moving.

Note: the rear windows do not open fully.

From the driver’s seat, use switch:

1 for the driver’s side;

2 for the front passenger side;

3 and 5 for the rear passengers.

From the passenger seats, use switch 6.

Avoid resting any objects against a half-open window: there is a risk that the electric window could be damaged.

Driver’s responsibility

Never leave your vehicle with the card or key inside, with a child, adult who is not self-sufficient or a pet in the vehicle, even for a short while.

They may pose a risk to themselves or to others by starting the engine or activating equipment (such as the gear lever or electric windows).

If any part of the body becomes trapped, reverse the direction of the window immediately by pressing the relevant switch.

Risk of serious injury.

Passenger safety

The driver can disable the operation of the rear passenger electric windows by pressing the 4 switch. A confirmation message is displayed on the instrument panel.

One-touch electric windows (continued)

Note: if the window detects resistance when closing (e.g. tree branch etc.), it stops and then lowers again by a few centimetres.

Impossible to operate the one-touch electric window

The one-touch electric window is equipped with heat protection: if you press the switch for the window more than 16 consecutive times it goes into protection mode (locking the window).

You can:

- use the electric window switch briefly and with intervals of approximately 30 seconds;

- with the engine running, the window will be unlocked after approximately 20 minutes of inaction on the electric window switch.

Remote control window opening/closing

When unlocking the doors from the outside, if you press and hold the card unlocking button, all the windows equipped with a one-touch electric window will open automatically.

When locking the doors from the outside, if you press and hold the card locking button, all the windows equipped with a one-touch electric window will close automatically.

It is recommended that the user only operates the system when the vehicle can be seen clearly and no one is inside.

Operating faults

In case of a fault when closing a window, the system reverts to normal mode: pull the switch concerned up as often as necessary to fully close the window (the window will close gradually), hold the switch (still on the closing side) for one second then lower and raise the window fully to reinitialise the system.

If necessary, contact an approved Dealer.

When closing the windows, ensure that no part of the body (arm, hand, etc.) is protruding from the vehicle.

Risk of serious injury.