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ELECTRIC VEHICLE: programming charging

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Charging programming

With the vehicle stationary, engine running, “Vehicle” 2 Mode of the multimedia screen 1, select “Electric” 3 menu, then the “Charge & Climate” tab set up charging for your vehicle.

You can choose from several charging modes:

- “Instant charge”;

- “Delayed charge”;

- “Program”.

Please refer to the multimedia instructions for further information.

When the programming is confirmed, the indicator light lights up on the instrument panel.

Note: charging will start if the engine is shut down and the vehicle is connected to a power supply and access is authorised.

If you have just accepted a system update via the multimedia system, the traction battery charging will be delayed or cancelled.

Wait for the update to be completed before connecting the charging lead to the vehicle.

For more information on system updates, please refer to the multimedia instructions.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.

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