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The secondary battery is a 12 V battery: it supplies the energy required to operate vehicle equipment (lights, windscreen wipers, windows, audio system, etc.) and certain safety systems such as braking assistance.

You should not open it or add any fluid.


The charge status of the 12 volt battery 1 can decrease, especially if you use your vehicle:

- when the outside temperature drops;

- after extended use of energy-consuming devices with the engine switched off.

Do not do any work under the bonnet when the vehicle is charging or when the ignition is switched on.

For your own safety and to ensure the proper operation of the vehicle’s electrical equipment (lights, windscreen wipers, ABS etc.), any intervention on the secondary “12 V” battery (removal, disconnection, etc.) must ALWAYS be performed by a specialist professional.

Risk of serious burns or electric shocks.

Respect categorically the replacement intervals (without exceeding them) as stated in the maintenance document.

The battery is a specific type. Please ensure it is replaced with the same type.

Call an approved Dealer.

The vehicle drive system in an electric vehicle uses a direct voltage of approximately 400 volts.

This system can get hot during and after switching off the ignition.

Respect warning messages given on the labels in the vehicle.

Any intervention or modification on the vehicle’s 400 V electrical system (components, cables, connectors, traction battery) is strictly prohibited.

The risk of serious burns or electric shocks can lead to death.

The engine cooling fan may also start at any moment. The label in the engine compartment reminds you of this.

Risk of injury.

Label A

Observe the indications on the battery.

2 Naked flames and smoking are for bidden.

3 Eye protection required.

4 Keep away from children.

5 Explosive materials.

6 See the user manual.

7 Corrosive materials.

Breakdown recovery

To avoid damaging your vehicle, do not recharge the secondary 12 V battery using:

- an external battery charger;

- a battery from another vehicle.

Please contact an Authorised Dealer.

Do not use your electric vehicle to restart the 12 volt battery in another vehicle. The 12 volt electric power of an electric vehicle is not enough to perform such an operation.

Risk of damage to the vehicle.

Do not disconnect the secondary 12 V battery.

Risk of serious burns or electric shocks.