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Regenerative braking change paddles 1 and 2

Depending on the vehicle, you can use paddles 1 and 2 to change regenerative braking level when the lever is in position D.

1 : Increasing regenerative braking.

2 : Decreasing regenerative braking.

The paddles can be used only in position D and they are not available when the cruise control or the adaptive cruise control function is activated.

Driving with paddles

By releasing the accelerator, the vehicle uses regenerative braking to slow down the vehicle.

Some of this energy is converted to electricity to recharge the traction battery.

The paddles behind the steering wheel can be used to increase or decrease regenerative braking.

Regenerative braking levels

The 3 warning light informs you of the regenerative braking level:

- A: “Free-wheel” level, for gentle, economical driving. Requires driving with anticipation;

- B: low regenerative braking level;

- C: average regenerative braking level;

- D: maximum regenerative braking level.

The engine brake should under no circumstances be used as a substitute for the brake pedal.