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VEHICLE RANGE: recommendations

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In real usage, the range of an electric vehicle may vary depending on several factors over which you have partial control, which may make a considerable difference to the vehicle range.

These factors are:

- speed and driving style;

- type of road;

- heating level;

- tyres;

- use of electrical accessories;

- vehicle loading.

Furthermore, activating ECO mode enables the vehicle to automatically take charge of all energy consumers (engine power etc.) to reduce their consumption to the fullest possible extent DRIVING ADVICE, ECO-DRIVING.

Speed and driving style

Driving at high speed will significantly reduce your vehicle’s range.

Examples (at a steady speed):

- reducing the speed from approximately 80 mph (130 km/h) to 68 mph (110 km/h) allows you to save up to around 20% of fuel range;

- reducing your speed from approximately 56 mph (90 km/h) to 50 mph (80 km/h) allows you to save up to around 10% of fuel range.

A “sporty” driving style reduces your vehicle range: opt for a “lighter” driving style.


- drive at a constant speed;

- keep an eye on the tools available to you to view the road conditions (charge meter, current consumption, journey record, etc.) DRIVING ADVICE, ECO-DRIVING ;

- adapt your driving style to avoid excessive energy consumption;

- favour power recovery: anticipate traffic changes by lifting your foot off the accelerator pedal or by braking gradually.

Road type

Do not try to maintain the same speed up a hill, accelerate no more than you would on the level. Keep your foot in the same position on the accelerator pedal.

Heating levels

The use of heating or air-conditioning reduces vehicle range.

To maintain your vehicle range, you are recommended to select “programming” mode before using the vehicle AIR CONDITIONING: programming.

Vehicle loading

Avoid pointlessly overloading your vehicle.


An under-inflated tyre increases energy consumption. Comply with the specified tyre pressures for your vehicle.

When driving, use tyres made by the same manufacturer, with the same dimensions, type and structure as the original tyres. The use of non-regulation tyres significantly reduces vehicle range TYRE PRESSURE.

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