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Using information from the camera 1, the function warns the driver if they cross a (continuous or broken) line without activating the direction indicator lights.

Location of the camera 1

Make sure the windscreen is not obscured (dirt, mud, snow, condensation etc.).

This function is an additional driving aid. This function is not under any circumstances intended to replace the due care and attention of the driver, who should at all times be in control of the vehicle.

The lane departure warning function does not correct the vehicle’s trajectory.


Before activating the function, from the “Vehicle” mode on the multimedia screen 2, press the “Driving assistance” menu then the “Lane keeping system” menu and select “Lane departure warning”.

Press the 3 switch to activate the function.

The message “Lane keeping system activated” and the “” warning light are displayed on the instrument panel and the 3 switch warning light illuminates.

If no side function is selected in the “Lane keeping system” menu, when the 3 switch is pressed the message “Lane keeping system not configured” is displayed on the instrument panel.

To deactivate the function, press the 3 switch or deselect “Lane departure warning” in the “Lane keeping system “ menu.

Warning light goes out on the instrument panel.

If the lane departure warning was the only side function selected, the switch warning light 3 goes out and the message “”Lane keeping system deactivated “ is displayed.

If the “ Lane departure prevention “ function is activated, deselecting the lane departure warning will not affect system operation.

Each time the vehicle is started, the function continues the mode saved the last time the engine was stopped.


When the function is activated, the warning light and the left and right lines 4 are displayed in grey on the instrument panel.

The function is set to notify the driver if:

- the speed is between 40 mph (65 km/h) and 93 mph (150 km/h) (or 99 mph (160 km/h) depending on the vehicle);


- the warning light and left/right line indicators 4 are coloured white.

The function triggers an alert if a line is crossed without the direction indicators being activated.

The function alerts the driver:

- by a vibration in the steering wheel;


- the warning light and 4 the indicator for the crossed line turn red.

Temporarily not available

The system will cease to be available if:

- very fast lane departure;

- driving continuously on a line;

- four seconds approximately after changing lanes;

- tight bends;

- impaired visibility;

- activation of one of the direction indicator lights;

- strong acceleration;

- the lane width changes;

- the active emergency braking system is triggered.

When the function is not available, the warning light and the left/right indicators turn to grey on the instrument panel.

Conditions for non-activation of the system

The system cannot be activated when:

- reverse gear is engaged;

- the field of vision of the camera is obstructed;

- the û warning light is displayed.

The warning light and the left/right line indicators turn to grey on the instrument panel.


To access the multimedia screen function settings 2, refer to the multimedia instructions:

- “Alert vibration”: adjust the steering wheel vibration level:

- “Low”;

- “Middle”;

- “High”;

- “Lane departure anticipation”: adjust the line detection sensitivity level. To do this select:

- “Late”: line detected when crossing;

- “Standard”: line detected on approach;

- “Early”: line detected nearby.

Please refer to the multimedia instructions for further information.

Operating faults

When the system detects an operating fault, the left-hand and right-hand line indicators and the warning light remain in grey on the instrument panel.

In some cases, they are accompanied by the following message:

- “Driving assist unavailable”;


- “Check Front camera”;


- “Driving assist unavailable”.

Depending on the vehicle, the message is accompanied by the display of the © warning light on the instrument panel.

Consult an approved dealer.

This function is an additional driving aid. This function is not under any circumstances intended to replace the due care and attention of the driver, who should at all times be in control of the vehicle.

System servicing/repairs

- In the event of an impact, the camera alignment may be changed, and its operation may consequently be affected. Deactivate the function, then consult an authorised dealer.

- Any work in the area where the camera is located (repairs, replacements, windscreen modifications etc.) must be carried out by a qualified professional.

Only an authorised dealer is qualified to service the system.

In the event of system disturbance

Some conditions can disturb or damage the operation of the system, such as:

- windscreen obscured (by dirt, ice, snow, condensation etc.);

- a complex environment (tunnel etc.);

- poor weather conditions (snow, rain, hail, black ice etc.) ;

- poor visibility (night, fog etc.);

- the road markings are irregular or difficult to distinguish (e.g. partially erased, excessive spacing, distorted road surface, etc.) ;

- being dazzled (glaring sun, lights of vehicles travelling in the opposite direction etc.);

- the road is narrow, winding or undulating (tight bends etc.);

- closely following a vehicle travelling in the same lane.

Risk of false alarms or absence of warnings

lane departure warning