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Press button 1 and lift the tailgate.


Lower the luggage compartment lid, depending on the vehicle, initially using the inside handle to assist you.

Opening manually from inside the vehicle

If it is impossible to unlock the tailgate, it can be done manually from inside:

- access the luggage compartment by folding forward the seatback(s) of the rear bench seat;

- insert a flat-blade screwdriver or similar at the emergency opening lever 2 and slide it to the left as shown on the drawing;

- push the boot lid to open it.

Never use the struts to close the luggage compartment door.

The attaching of any carrying device (bike rack, luggage box, etc.) resting on the luggage compartment lid is prohibited. To install a carrying device on your vehicle, contact an Approved Dealer.

Charging lead storage tray

This tray is for charging leads. The maximum permissible load for the tray is 10 kg.

To access it, open the luggage compartment, then lift up the luggage compartment carpet using the handle 3.

If there is water in the charging lead storage tray, signs of corrosion or foreign bodies in the charging lead connector or in the vehicle charging socket, do not charge the vehicle.

Fire hazard.

Take care of the cord: do not tread on it, immerse it in water, pull on it or let anything knock against it.

Check and clean the storage tray regularly.

Rear parcel shelf

To remove:

- lower the rear headrests;

- unhook the two cords 4;

- lift the shelf 5 upwards to unclip;

- push the shelf 5 in and turn;

- pull the shelf towards you.

To refit, proceed in the reverse order to removal.

Maximum weight on rear parcel shelf: 2 kg, evenly distributed.

Do not place any objects, especially heavy or hard objects, on the parcel shelf.

These may pose a risk to the vehicle occupants if the driver has to brake suddenly or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.