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Onboard computer

From the “Vehicle” menu, select, “Onboard computer” to access the following information since the last reset:

- date of starting calculation;

- total distance;

- average speed;

- average fuel consumption;

- total fuel or energy consumption.

To reset the on-board computer and instrument panel information, press “Reset” and confirm by pressing “Yes”.


From the “Vehicle” menu, select “Settings”. Depending on the equipment level, the following settings are available:

- parking aids;

- activating/deactivating the blind spot warning on the door mirrors;

- lane departure warning;

- automatic door mirror folding on locking the vehicle;

- automatic central locking/unlocking when driving;

- activating/deactivating the rear screen wiper when switching to reverse gear;

- activating/deactivating the daytime running lights;

- unlocking of the driver’s door when a door is opened;

- activating/deactivating easy access when you get into or out of your vehicle;

- configuration of the driving style indicator on the instrument panel;

- switching off the instrument panel when charging;

- activating/deactivating the Driving Eco route plan;

- activating/deactivating automatic lighting of the main beam headlights.