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Accessing the call log

With the telephone connected to the system, from the “Phone” menu, press “Call logs”.

The call log places the various calls in four tabs:

7 All calls (incoming, outgoing, missed);

6 incoming calls;

5 missed calls;

4 outgoing calls.

For each list, the contacts are listed from the most recent to the oldest.

Browsing the call log

Press a tab to view its content.

Press the “Up” 2 and “Down” 3 buttons to scroll through the list of calls.

You can search for a contact by pressing the “Find” button 1. If the contact has several numbers, you are asked to select the number to call. The call is made automatically by pressing the contact’s number.

Press a call log entry to call the relevant contact.

For more information please consult the “Making, receiving a call” section.

Updating the call log

Press “+” and select “Update telephone data”. A message will notify you that the data has been updated.