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Connecting a paired phone

No phone can be connected to the hands-free phone system if it has not first been paired. Please refer to the information on “Pairing a telephone” in the “Pairing,unpairing a telephone” section.

Your phone must be connected to the hands-free phone system in order to use all its functions.

Automatic connection

Once the ignition is switched on, the hands-free phone system searches for paired phones in the vicinity (if the Bluetooth® connection is activated).

Searching starts with the last paired telephone.

Note: It is recommended that you accept automatic device recognition.

Manual connection (changing the phone connected)

From the “Phone” menu, press “Settings”, then “Manage devices”. You will find the list of phones already paired.

Select the phone from the list to be connected, then press “Add device”.

Disconnect a phone

From the “Phone” menu, press “Settings”, then “Manage devices”.

Select the phone to be disconnected from the list.

Switching off the telephone will also cause it to be disconnected.

Note: if a call is in progress when the phone is disconnected, the call will automatically be transferred to your phone.

Deleting a stored device