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Access the Driving Eco menu

From the main menu, press “Vehicle”, then “Driving Eco”.

The “Driving Eco” menu grants access to the following information:

- “Trip report”;

- “My preferred trips”;

- “Eco-coaching”.

“Trip report”

This menu shows you the data saved from your last journey:

- “Average consumption”;

- “Average speed”;

- “Total consumption”;

- “Energy saved” or mileage driven;

- “Average Eco-driving performance”;

- “Braking anticipation”;

- “Ability to manage vehicle speed”.

To save your data, press “Save”, then select the type of journey taken from the following list:

- “Home-Work”;

- “Vacation”;

- “Weekends”;

- “Tour”;

- “Personal”.

To reset your data, press “Reset”. A message will ask you to confirm the data reset. Press “Yes” to confirm or “No” to cancel.

“My preferred trips”

Once you have saved a specific journey (see information on “Trip report”), this menu will display changes in your driving style in the following categories:

- “Last trip saved”;

- “Home-Work”;

- “Vacation”;

- “Weekends”;

- “Tour”;

- “Personal”.


This menu monitors your driving style, and provides you with advice to best reduce your fuel consumption, as necessary.

To access this menu, press “Eco-coaching” and carefully read the advice, scroll through the pages by pressing the scroll arrows.