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Access the “My services” menu.

From the main menu, press “My services”.

The “My services” menu grants access to the following elements:

- “R-LINK Store”;

- “Navigation services”;

- “Settings”;

- “E-Guide R-LINK”;

- “Email”;

- “User profiles”;

- “Renault Assistance”;

- your apps.

Some services can be accessed without charge during the trial period, after which the subscription can be extended via the R-LINK store or at

The pop-up menu “+” can be used to access the following functions:

- “Add application”;

- “Check for updates”;

- “Settings”.

Presentation of “R-LINK Store

R-LINK Store is the applications store for your multimedia system. Here you can buy applications or subscriptions to services through a secure online system.

Please refer to the “Downloading and installing applications from R-LINK Store" section for more information.

“Navigation services”

Please refer to the “Navigation services” section.


This menu brings together the management tools for applications and connections. Please refer to the “Services Settings” section for more information.

“E-Guide R-LINK

This menu brings together all the instructions. They can be consulted from your multimedia system.


This menu allows you to view your emails, only with the vehicle stationary.

“User profiles”

This menu enables you to customise your user profile.

Renault Assistance”

This menu gives you access to Renault assistance.