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Your system includes navigation services. You can add to these services by subscribing to the paid TomTom LIVE services.

- Navigation services include traffic information and fixed speed camera locations (depending on local regulation).

- LIVE services (paid, by subscription) include traffic information, location and updates on fixed/mobile speed cameras as well as weather updates.

Note: the “TomTom Traffic” service is called "Traffic” if the LIVE service subscription is not activated.

A trial period for LIVE services is offered. At the end of the trial period, you can extend your subscription to these services LIVE online at

Accessing the navigation services

To access the “Navigation services”:

- from the main menu, press “Navigation”;

- select “Navigation services”.

TomTom Traffic

Please refer to the “Traffic Information” section.

“Speed Cameras”

This service allows you to display the location of mobile speed cameras in real time, accident black spots and fixed speed cameras.

The latest updates for speed cameras are installed automatically if a LIVE subscription is valid.

“Speed Cameras” shows you mobile speed camera alerts as well as fixed speed camera alerts. Information is obtained in real time using information from other users.

You can deactivate this function by going to the “Speed Cameras” menu for LIVE services.

Note: for mobile speed cameras, information is provided when a member of the community sends the information to the database.

Note: depending on local restrictions, speed cameras may not be displayed.

A current subscription is required to access LIVE services. The content of LIVE services may vary.

In certain countries it is illegal to download and activate the speed camera warnings and this could lead to prosecution.


This service lets you see the expiry date of the subscribed services.

Subscription to services can be renewed via the R-LINK Store or at, by selecting the desired service(s).

You must enter a valid e-mail address for this service. An e-mail detailing the subscription methods for the chosen services will be sent to this address. For further information, please refer to the section on “Downloading and installing applications”.

Note: to find out more about the availability of LIVE services in your country, please see an Authorised Dealer.


This service provides access to five-day weather forecasts for the location of your choice.

“Connected Services Z.E.

Connected Services Z.E. are reserved for electric vehicles. Refer to the section on “Connected Services Z.E.” for more information.