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Accessing the navigation settings

From the “Navigation” menu, press “Settings”, then select the element you wish to modify:

- “Turn off voice guidance”;

- “Route planning”;

- “Show POI on map”;

- “Manage POIs”;

- “Voice”;

- “EV settings”;

- “Set home location”;

- “Manage saved locations”;

- “Switch map”;

- “Change map colours”;

- “Car symbol”;

- “Advanced” (Settings).

“Turn off voice guidance”

This menu enables you to activate or deactivate voice guidance.

“Route planning”

Use this menu to define your route preferences:

Type of journey

Select a journey type. The recommended journey criterion is “Quickest”.

Toll roads

Include toll roads (toll gates or similar).


Include ferries (including railway ferries).

High-occupancy vehicle lanes

Include lanes reserved for vehicles occupied by more than one passenger.

Unpaved roads

Include unpaved roads.

“Show POI on map”

This menu lets you display or hide Point of Interest (POI) categories on the map.

“Manage POIs”

A point of interest (POI) is a service, establishment or tourist area close to a location (start point, destination city, en route, etc.). POIs are classed in different categories, e.g. restaurants, museums, car parks, etc. There are several options to find a point of interest:

- category;

- the name of the desired POI.

This menu allows you to add, change or delete POIs or POI categories.


This menu lets you choose the synthetic or stored voice.

“EV settings”

Use this menu to add and manage your own recharging stations as well as those detected automatically by the system, to disable the low battery warning and select a power supply cable.

“Set home location”

This menu lets you set or change your home address.

“Manage saved locations”

This menu lets you add, delete or rename your saved addresses.

“Switch map”

This menu allows you to switch between the maps saved on your SD card.

“Change map colours”

This menu enables you to change the colours of the map displayed on your multimedia system screen. You can download new colours.

“Car symbol”

This menu allows you to change the vehicle icon on the navigation map 3D.


This menu enables you to change the following advanced settings:

- “Map information”;

- “Map behaviour”;

- “Traffic source”.

Map information

This menu enables you to display or hide details such as the address number before the street name, the street names, the name of the street after the current street, and the current street name on the map.

Map behaviour

This menu enables you to set the following behaviour:

- show lane views;

- to pivot the map in the direction of the journey when in 2D mode;

- to switch to 3D mode while the journey is in progress;

- to activate automatic zoom in 2D mode;

- to activate automatic zoom in 3D mode.

Traffic source

This menu displays the various traffic information services available on your navigation system.