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Map key

A Sign giving the speed limit (the speed given depends on the unit chosen). Please refer to the “System settings” section for more information on the choice of units.

Note: the sign turns red and flashes if you drive faster than the speed limit

B Zoom, touch the magnifying glass to display the zoom in and out buttons.

C Name of the next main road or road sign information, if applicable.

D Outside air quality.

E Telephone information.

F Outside temperature (Weather).

G Current time.

H Pop-up menu.

I Distance to and indication of next turning / Adjustment of guidance instruction volume.

J Audio system information.

K Current vehicle position.

L Back to previous page.

M Traffic information bar: displays incidents on the route, traffic info reception indicator, access to traffic map.

N Journey information such as arrival time, total distance remaining and whether you will reach your destination (chequered flag or chequered with lightning symbol on red background)/Journey summary

O Compass/ 2D/3D mode.

Note: Access to the full navigation page is only possible from the “Navigation” tab in the main menu.

Map colours

You can change the colours on the map: from the main menu select “Navigation”, “Settings” then “Change map colours”

Map icons

The navigation system uses Q symbols to display points of interest (POI).

Recharging stations

(electric vehicle)

The navigation system uses the P symbol to display recharging stations.