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Access the “TAKE CARE” menu.

There is an air ioniser and a system to check the quality of the outside air.


The air ioniser uses two modes:

- “Clean”: helps to reduce bacteria and allergenic particles present in the air;

- “Relax”: Creates a healthy and relaxing driving atmosphere through ion-emission;

- “Off” (Stop emission).

Once the mode has been selected, it will automatically stop after thirty minutes.

You can activate/deactivate automatic running by ticking the “Start ioniser at each vehicle start” option. Press “Done” to confirm your choice.

“Outside air quality”

This menu shows you the air quality graph.

The graph gives an estimate of the outside air quality over the last fifteen minutes of use.

The three pictograms indicate the quality level (respectively from the healthiest to the most polluted air):


For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.