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Sound levels

Changing the volume

To change the audio volume, use the multimedia system volume control during a voice instruction or from the “System” menu, “Sound settings”, then “Sound levels” and adjust the following audio volumes:

- main volume;

- hands-free;

- telephone ringtone;

- navigation;

- synthetic voice;

- Park Assist;

- events.

Press “Done” to save the audio volumes.

Volume sensitive to speed

This function enables the multimedia system to automatically adjust the volume according to the vehicle speed.

You can adjust the sensitivity using the “+” and “-” buttons.


Playback is generated by your navigation system. It gives verbal instructions while you are driving. It can give road directions (e.g. turn right) and traffic sign information.

Note: Voice recognition only operates with playback.

Recorded human voices

Recorded human voices are voices recorded by an actor (male or female).

Note: human voices only give you simplified guidance instructions.


Your system allows you to select either a synthesised or a recorded human voice.

This voice is used to give the voice instructions.

To change the voice used on your navigation system, go to the main menu and select “Navigation”, “Settings”, then “Voice”.

Select a voice from the list.