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“App manager” menu

From the home screen, press “Menu”, “Apps” the “App manager” to access the app management screen.

System memory

The amount of memory used 1 and remaining 2 is displayed.


1: amount of memory used;

2: amount of memory left;

3: indication that the app is running;

4: app storage size;

5: app name;

6: app icon.

Applications information

To view information about an app, press on the required app in the list.


Press “About” to access the following information:

- application version;

- application installation date;

- application author;

- application description;

- application memory used.

“Legal Notice”

Press the Legal Notice tab to view information relating to autorisations, if available.

Note: If the app is running, press “Stop” to close it. Depending on the app, control Stop can be greyed out even if the app is running.