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Connecting a telephone

No phone can be connected to the hands-free phone system if it has not first been paired. For further information, please refer to the section on “Pairing and unpairing a telephone”.

Your phone must be connected to the hands-free phone system in order to use all of its functions.

Automatic connection

Once the multimedia system is started, the hands-free phone system searches for any paired phones with Bluetooth® activated nearby. The system automatically downloads the data for the last telephone connected (directory, SMS etc).

Note: if a call is ongoing while the telephone is being connected, it will automatically be transferred to the vehicle loudspeakers.

Note: when your telephone connects automatically to the multimedia system, data downloads (phonebook, SMS etc.) will only be enabled if you previously allowed data sharing when pairing your telephone with the multimedia system. For more information, please refer to the “Pairing, unpairing a telephone” section.

Manual connection

To connect a Bluetooth® telephone to the multimedia system, press the 1 shortcut from any menu. A list of telephones already paired is displayed.

Select the telephone that you wish to connect and make sure that Bluetooth® has been activated.

Changing a connected telephone

To change the connected telephone, you will first have to pair more than one telephone.

- Select “Phone” from the main menu, “Settings” then “Paired devices list”;

- Press on the telephone you wish to connect.

You will find the list of phones already paired.

For a list of compatible telephones, consult the site.

Allow data sharing

Note: to access your phone’s telephone and multimedia functions via the R-Link 2 multimedia system, you must authorise data sharing from your phone.

On the “Phone” menu on your multimedia system, press “Settings”, then “Paired devices list”. You will find the list of phones already paired.

- Select the functions that you wish to connect:

- hands-free function 2: access your phonebook, make and receive calls, access the call log etc.;

- media function 3: access your music collection.

Note: The warning light on the function icon indicates that it is activated.

Note: Some phones may allow automatic data transfer.

Disconnect a phone

From the “Phone” menu, press “Settings”, then “Paired devices list”.

Press buttons 2 and/or 3 to switch off the warning lights and deactivate the telephone and multimedia functions. Your phone will be disconnected once the warning lights have been switched off.

Switching off the telephone will also cause it to be disconnected from the multimedia system.

Note: if a call is in progress when the phone is disconnected, the call will be automatically transferred to your phone.

How to unpair or delete a device ?