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“Dial number” menu

Making a call by dialling a number

From the home screen, press “Menu”, “Phone” or press the 1 shortcut from any menu, then “Dial number” to access the keypad to dial a number.

Enter the desired number using the keypad A, then press “Call” to make the call.

Voice mail

To access voicemail, press the 2 key.

If the voicemail box is not configured, the configuration screen will be displayed. Enter your voicemail number using the A keypad, then confirm.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.

Enter a number using voice control

You can dial a number using the telephone keypad on the multimedia system or using the voice control built into your multimedia system. To do this:

- press the voice control button to display the main voice control menu;

- say “Phone” after the beep;

- dictate the telephone number you wish to call.

Note: it is recommended to dictate the numbers either one at a time or two at a time.

- The system displays the stated number, say “Call” to call the number or “Delete”/“Start again” to dictate a different number.

Complete a number using voice control

When you begin entering a telephone number using the multimedia system keypad:

- press the voice control button;

- complete the telephone number using your voice or say “Call” after the beep if you have already entered the full number and wish to launch the call.

Note: for more information on the use of voice recognition, refer to the section entitled “Using voice recognition”.