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“Phone” menu

Making a call

From the “Phone” menu or from the 1 shortcut, you can make a call by selecting:

- a contact from the phonebook;

- a number from the call log;

- the keypad to dial the number.

Note: from the home page, press the "Favourites" widget to access contacts you have already marked as favourites. Please refer to the “Add, manage widgets” section for further information.

Receiving a call

When receiving a call, the “Calls received” screen is displayed, giving the following information:

- the name of the contact (if the number is present in your handset memory or the phonebook list);

- the caller’s number (if the number is not present in your handset memory);

- "No caller ID" (if the number cannot be viewed).


To pick up a call, press “Accept”.

Press “Hang up” to end the call.

“Decline” a call

To reject a call, press and hold Decline. The person calling you will be redirected to your voicemail.

“Put on hold” the call

Press the “Put on hold” button or press the pop-up menu button, then “Put on hold” in order to allow the multimedia system to pick up incoming calls and automatically put them on standby. A voice synthesizer informs your callers that their call is on standby.

Transfer to phone

To transfer the call to your telephone, press "Transfer to phone" or press the pop-up menu button then "Transfer to phone".

It is possible to adjust the volume using the steering column control.

You can answer/end a call by pressing directly on control 2 on the steering wheel.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.

During a call

During a call you can:

- adjust the volume by pressing the control buttons under the steering wheel of your vehicle or by pressing 5 then “Sound settings”;

- end a call by pressing “Hang up” or by pressing the button 2 on your steering wheel;

- place a call on hold by pressing button 7 or by pressing 5 then “Put on hold”. To pick up a call on hold, press button 7 or press 5 then “Retrieve call”;

- transfer the call to the connected phone by pressing button 8 or by pressing 5 then "Transfer to phone";

- pick up a second call by pressing the notification displayed at the bottom of the screen to indicate a new incoming call;

- display the numeric keypad by pressing button 4.

Note: some telephones may disconnect from the multimedia system during a call transfer.

During a call, you can return to other multimedia system functions (navigation etc.) by pressing button 3 or 6.

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