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“Phonebook” menu

From the main menu, press “Phone” or press the 1 shortcut from any menu, then “Phonebook” to access the phonebook for your telephone from your multimedia system.

You can browse through the list of contacts in the phonebook using the steering column control.

Downloading the phone memory

By default, when pairing and connecting a telephone, the contacts are synchronised automatically if hands-free connection is activated (Refer to “Manual connection” in the “Connecting, disconnecting a telephone” section).

Note: to access the phonebook via the multimedia system, you will need to authorise data sharing on your telephone. Please refer to the “Pairing, unpairing a telephone” section, and your telephone user manual.

Updating the phonebook

You can manually update your phone contacts in the multimedia system phonebook via Bluetooth®. Press button 2 and then press “Update list”.

Searching contacts

Press “Search” to display virtual keyboard. You can search the contact by entering their name.


The list of contacts for each phone is stored in the memory by the hands-free phone system.

For reasons of confidentiality, each downloaded contacts list can only be viewed when the corresponding telephone is connected.

Making a call from the phonebook

Once the telephone is connected to the multimedia system, from the main menu press “Phone”, then “Phonebook”.

Select the contact and then press the contact’s number. The call will be started automatically.

For safety reasons, carry out these operations when the vehicle is stationary.

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