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“Settings” menu

While the telephone is connected to the system, from the home screen press “Menu”, “Telephone” or press the 1 shortcut from any menu, then “Settings” to access the following settings:

- "Bluetooth" ("On"/"OFF");

- “List of devices”;

- “Change the access code”;

- “Adjust the sound volume”;

- "Voice mail settings";

- “Automatic call waiting”;


- “Telephone ringtone”;


- “Smartphone assistance”;

- “SMS” (“On”/“OFF”).


This option activates or deactivates the multimedia system Bluetooth®.

“List of devices”

This option enables you to:

- view the list of paired devices;

- activate and/or deactivate a function on a connected telephone;

- add a Bluetooth® device;

- delete one or more paired devices.

For more information, please refer to the “Pairing/unpairing a telephone”section.

“Change the access code”

This option changes the Bluetooth® password.

Note: the current password is displayed - the default password is 0000.

"Sound levels"

This option adjusts the sound level of:

- “Telephone ringtone”;

- “Communication”;

Note: to reset the settings, press the pop-up menu button, then “Reset”.

“Voicemail settings”

For further information, please refer to the “Dialing a number” section.

“Automatic call waiting”

This option activates or deactivates the automatic placing of incoming calls on hold.

“Telephone ringtone”

Use this option to activate or disable your telephone ringtone for incoming calls.

“Smartphone assistance”

This option gives access to a tutorial on how to use your telephone's voice recognition with the multimedia system.


You can activate or deactivate SMS.

For a list of compatible telephones, consult the site.

Depending on the make and model of your phone, certain functions may not work.